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Construction is renovation and knowledge!


Tallento Construtora has implemented two important programs: compliance with the Performance Standard 15575:2013 and real-time productivity management that are aggregated by using simple and effective concepts already consolidated in manufacturing industries such as automotive.

By drawing a parallel between the automobile product and the residence we will realize that the prerequisites of both its consumers are the need to meet expectations such as safety, durability, thermal and acoustic comforts that factors that determine the success of a brand.

We realize that the Construction Company when putting itself in a position of an assembler, it comes to understand that each one of the components (Block, mortar, door, miter, coatings) of a system as a sealing wall, are gears of an engine and therefore for this to work in harmony it is fundamental to narrow the bond and flow of knowledge between the system designer (Architecture, structure, hydraulic, electrical), suppliers and construction contractor ensuring that each piece designed and manufactured outside the site presents in its origin the due reports and certificates that prove compliance with the specific norms inherent to its by-products.

The next step is to assemble virtual models and prototypes of the systems in order to submit them to kilometers of running in the test track before exposing simulating the conditions of use, as an example: Bodyguards to submit to the load test, acoustic testing of aluminum frames, leakproofness test in hot water pipes at a temperature of 70oC, among other various tests required by the Standard, attesting to the performance at the level desired by the property owner residential.

When we combine all this knowledge with the daily productivity indices we collect, we have concluded that we must seek the path of an industrial production in the supplier’s yard, that is, parallel to the evolution of the assembly of the work, convincing the partners to provide systems such as a ready wall or an engine, instead of only parts (Blocks or gears), homologating them within the quality standards of the Construction Company, thus transforming the construction site into an assembly yard with a low inventory, cleaner environment and favorable to productivity control, allowing us to be, in fact, an Engineering Company with the focus In technological innovation of production.

If you would like more information on these control systems, please contact Eng. Marcelo Navarro at

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